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Unique Gifts and Products for Horses, Their People, and Pets

Welcome To Equi-Gift

Announcing!! Now open in Sedalia Colorado on Highway 67
Between the Rail Road Tracks on Manhart
A cute little store full of great stuff & lots of books - Open Weekends

At Equi-Gift, our goal is to provide the best in service and products to ensure the best value in quality and cost. We develop custom creations and gift collections based on understanding the customer's goals and needs, in addition to the products available in the store. We help solve problems for selecting just the right product or gift.

We believe that although wicker baskets filled with stuffing are nice - doesn't everyone have plenty? So, our gift collections are packaged in "containers" that have a use after the cellophane is gone-horse pails and buckets, planters, totes, etc. Still pretty and "gifty", but useful. Value added packaging!

Custom Horse & Rider Bucket(wrapped)


To contact us:
Richard and Pamela
P.O. Box 486
Sedalia, CO 80135
Phone: 303-681-2604
Fax: 303-681-2604

Featuring Natural and Cruelty Free Horse, People, and Pet Products from:
Epona, Healthy Hair Care/Silverado, Zephyr’s Garden, Herbsmith, America’s Acres, Annie Oakley, and more.
Books, Posters, and Stationery
Horse & Pet First Aid & Wound Care
Water Rover & DOOG products
Specialty items – Plush Toys, Caps & Ts & Rompers, Scented Soy Candles, Montana Bounty Foods, Accessories, and new stuff all the time!

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